December 2013: Guillaume Cauvin

Mountain Bike Racer Guillaume Cauvin of 100%Put on your helmets girls because we’re about to go downhill with professional mountain biker, Guillaume Cauvin. This saucy Frenchie is making a career of riding in and out of the saddle. His mysterious eyes and not-so-innocent smile will have you wrapped in his spokes before he derails you with a ménage à trois.

Competing around the world with team Polygon – Hutchinson UR, Guillaume performs best when the ride gets rough. What really turns his gears — a girl with rear suspension who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty on the trail. So, clip in and lube up!


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August 2012: BLAKE NYMAN

If you find yourself trapped in your car during a blizzard with only one other person to strip down with and use skin-to-skin contact to keep warm, you better pray that person is Blake Nyman. This freeskiing he-man is a fan of free love, so roll down the windows because your goggles are gonna get foggy!

If you do get trapped in a ’97 Bronco with Blake, don’t worry – he’ll keep your pulse racing and face flush. And, there’s no need for a distress signal because he knows how to make you flare. As a professional skier, Blake has plenty of experience bracing the elements. If there’s no rescue effort in sight, don’t fret – he’ll plow you out.

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There’s an upside to dating the troubled bad boy. Yes, he’s moody, angry, and oh so misunderstood, but he’s gotta channel those raw emotions. Every bad boy needs something, or someone, to help him unwind. Think you can be his release?

Front man for the Gaslight Anthem, Brian Fallon, is one such troubled soul.  And, lucky for you he’s ready to blow off some steam. It’s a win-win situation. He gets to unleash pent-up aggression and rage while you drink in his sultry prowess.

When watching him peacock across the stage, be sure to stand your ground because groupies fill the audience. And forget trying to decipher the lyrics because his native tongue is purely carnal.

So, make your way to the front row and let Brain bare more than just his soul.

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Every girl fantasizes about playing a few rounds with a swinger. Well, Rickie Fowler, is one swinger who can drive it to the hole. At only 23, this wild child is golf’s best redeeming quality. But scoring a hunk like this isn’t easy.

What’s your best bet to reach the back nine with Rickie? Caddy for him. His skilled game eliminates most of the work for you. Don’t bother offering tips, Rickie has perfect form — hips always squared, precise angle of approach, and flawless follow-through. All you have to do is wash his balls and admire that natural tan. Once you’re near the green, observe his ten-finger grip as he finds the sweet-spot and sink!

Get more Rickie here.

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April 2012: BEN COHEN

Tackle me to the ground and give me grass stains! Now before you call timeout to work on your stamina know that there’s more to this Great Britt than meets the eye. Ben Cohen used to tumble on the field playing professional ruby in England and France, but now Ben faces different opponents.

Last May he retired to create The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation which works to end bullying and homophobia in school sports. Not to mention, he received the MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for his anti-bulling and LGBT advocacy. So next time you witness someone being teased, honor Ben and stand up for them. Maybe he’ll return the favor with a little unsportsmanlike conduct.

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Photo courtesy Just Ared

Ladies, this HOTM is a slam dunk! L.A. Clippers forward, Blake Griffin, is 6 feet and 10 inches of glorious hunk. Celebrated for his ability to dunk, Griffin was earned the 2011 NBA Rookie of the Year award. More entertaining than his stats is watching him strut across the court in his red high-tops. Mmm. No penalty for fouling here.

This small town Okie was the first overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft. Griffin moves with such power and finesse he may as well be a Greek God. Not to mention, he’s a great ball handler. If he’s this good on the court, image what he can do off the court, under the bleachers.

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February 2012: PHIL VAUGHN IPA

Photo Courtesy Matt Lambuth

A robust body with flirtatious undertones, Avery’s Phil Vaughn IPA (Irresistibly Playful Aphrodisiac) is the perfect blend of hops and sex appeal. Fermented in muscle and charm, this libation will leave you breathless and begging for another round. On first encounter, Phil is smooth and silky as hints of caramel tease the palate. Soon his nutty personality surfaces before bursting with charisma. His malty charm lingers. A fine pour and even sweeter personality, Phil pairs nicely with a down blanket and Nicholas Sparks film. Tap that!

Phil Vaughn is the Tap Room Manager at Avery Brewing Co., located in Boulder, Colo.

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January 2012: BRAD LUDDEN

After 12 months the drought has ended. Let there be men! Let’s start the year by going downstream with philanthropist and professional kayaker, Brad Ludden. Brad is the founder and CEO of First Descents, a non-profit that offers adventure therapy excursions for cancer patients. Cosmo’s Hottest Bachelor of 2008, Brad isn’t bashful about his rugged good looks. A Denver local, Brad runs FD while also competing in kayak races. He says he finds fulfillment by helping cancer patients get out on the water. Why not ring in 2012 with some good karma and make Brad your first descent?

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December 2010: MIKE COOTS

Cold weather got ya down? Slip away from the below freezing temps and say “Alo-hawt!” to the December Hunk of the Month, Mike Coots. Mike is 100 percent Hawaiian and 100 percent sexy. Mike’s passion is riding waves but in 1997 12 foot Tiger Shark chomped off his right leg. While taking a break from the swells, Mike dove into photography and currently runs his own photoblog and photography business. Currently, Mike travels the South Pacific in an effort to save the species that nibble his leg. He’s a major player at the “Save the Sharks” foundation and advocates for the passage of laws to ban shark-finning. Needless to say, Mike’s got some big Kahunas. So when you’re preparing that Holiday feast this month don’t be afraid to stick the meat thermometer in this hunk. The temperature gauge will read “SMOKIN!”

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November 2010: JAMES FRANCO

Set down the knife and step away from the pumpkin pie. Take a slice of this hunk instead. James Franco’s award of “Best Smile” during his high school years has followed him onto the silver screen. You’ve probably seen him in Spider Man or getting the munchies in Pineapple Express. Not only is he starring as a strapping young mountain climber in the new movie 127 Hours, he also runs his own production company. James is an attractive actor and painter who is currently receiving his PhD in English at Yale University. If you want more than just your mind titillated, give James a ring.

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