December 2010: MIKE COOTS

Cold weather got ya down? Slip away from the below freezing temps and say “Alo-hawt!” to the December Hunk of the Month, Mike Coots. Mike is 100 percent Hawaiian and 100 percent sexy. Mike’s passion is riding waves but in 1997 12 foot Tiger Shark chomped off his right leg. While taking a break from the swells, Mike dove into photography and currently runs his own photoblog and photography business. Currently, Mike travels the South Pacific in an effort to save the species that nibble his leg. He’s a major player at the “Save the Sharks” foundation and advocates for the passage of laws to ban shark-finning. Needless to say, Mike’s got some big Kahunas. So when you’re preparing that Holiday feast this month don’t be afraid to stick the meat thermometer in this hunk. The temperature gauge will read “SMOKIN!”


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November 2010: JAMES FRANCO

Set down the knife and step away from the pumpkin pie. Take a slice of this hunk instead. James Franco’s award of “Best Smile” during his high school years has followed him onto the silver screen. You’ve probably seen him in Spider Man or getting the munchies in Pineapple Express. Not only is he starring as a strapping young mountain climber in the new movie 127 Hours, he also runs his own production company. James is an attractive actor and painter who is currently receiving his PhD in English at Yale University. If you want more than just your mind titillated, give James a ring.

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October 2010: SHAWN WALTERS

Let’s all raise our glasses and toast the romantic and deliciously looking October HOTM, Shawn Walters! Shawn is the creator of One World Winery Consulting, a company that provides vineyard and winery consulting to clients throughout northern Michigan. Shawn started as a small winery owner and when word got around about his incredible ability to turn water into wine, his “advice” was requested all over the grape fields, thus giving him the idea to create OWWC. Being an entrepreneur in an industry that is notorious for making women giggly, Shawn knows how to get business done. Next time you find yourself in northern Michigan don’t hesitate to let this Hunk wine and dine you after a day of crushing grapes and sipping Merlot.

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September 2010: JOHN KRASINSKI

Ring! Ring! That’s the bell and school’s back in session, which means we’re all in need of a little day dreaming material. How about a goofy, witty, and super sexy nice-guy like John Krasinski? Most of us are used to watching him play practical jokes on NBC’s hit show “The Office,” while we secretly fantasize about what’s lying beneath those work slacks. John’s the perfect HOTM for September; a Brown University grad and former English teacher in Costa Rica. Plus, he knows how to keep his students’ attention.

After discovering his knack for acting, he starred in movies such as Away We Go and It’s Complicated. So if you need a break from that term paper, take a few moments to study everything this hunk has to offer.

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Hey sole sister! We’ve all got to give a little to get a little with this hunk. Blake Mycoskie is the founder of TOMS Shoes, a charity organization that gives one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. This fine philanthropist created TOMS shoes after competing on the Amazing Race in 2006 when he became concerned about impoverished children in Argentina.

Blake is a hunk with a big heart, big hair, and a big…soul. He resides on a sailboat off of the Southern California Coast when he isn’t traveling the globe helping others and giving inspirational speeches on the importance of charity work. Blake’s the kind of hunk that all girls want to play a little footsie with!

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Burn, Baby, Burn! If you happen to own a 2010 Colorado Firefighters Calendar and flip to July, you’ll see this burnin’ hunk of man meat – Cody. Despite fighting blazing flames in Aurora, Colo., Cody brings the heat. Not only does he save lives and risk his own to protect others, he’s ripped, chiseled, and knows how to handle a hose. Cody describes himself as an adventure seeker who enjoys extreme sledding, wakeboarding, and scuba diving. Seeing Cody cruise around on his big red fire truck is enough to make a girl scream “fire” just to have him hose her down.

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The June Hunk of the Month is Patrick Sharp, and sharp he is! Left Wing for the Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick keeps his stick below the belt but isn’t afraid to cross the crease. This Canadian from Thunder Bay, Ontario knows how to rumble the boards. Patrick spent his younger years chasing the puck around Canada before melting ice with the NHL in 2003.

In 2005 Patrick was traded to Chicago where he became an alternative team captain and has been cherry picking ever since. An expert at hip-checking, Patrick will skate you into the penalty box in the bat of an eyelash. But don’t fret ladies, he’s a softy at heart with a jersey number that says it all – 10.  And please, don’t mistake his pheromones for sweaty hockey gear because this hunk has an amazing Slap Shot!

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Ride ’em cowboy! Ryan Bingham is a tall drink of water in a ten gallon hat. Former rodeo Bull Rider turned singer/song writer, Ryan comes to us from New Mexico where he chased a career of roping cattle and raising hell before trying his hand at the guitar.

If you think you can tame this bucking bronco by all means mount the saddle and hold on for the ride of your life.

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April 2010: RYAN KWANTEN

Ryan Kwanten or Jason Stackhouse from the raunchy HBO series “True Blood” is known for his chiseled bod and seductive southern accent. Hailing from the shores of Australia, Ryan spent his teen years running triathlons, golfing, and skiing all the while perfecting that glorious physique. Discovering acting by accident, he was cast in movies and TV shows in Australia until he made the leap to the States and landed the Role of Jason Stackhouse. But watch out, this hunk knows how to glamor a girl silly.

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March 2010: TJ LANNING

TJ Lanning a the professional skier all the girls are dying to go downhill with. Born and bred in Park City, Utah, TJ has a permanent goggle tan that’s sure to leave you hot and bothered. This self-described “skiing cowboy” took first place in five World Cup Men’s Downhill Ski races in 2009 before he tore his ACL. Because of his injury, TJ wasn’t able to compete in the 2010 Winter Olympics, but there’s an upside. Instead of swooshing down the slopes, TJ can be found relaxing and stretching those long legs in a hot tub near you!

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